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Region 8 - Wallace Community College - Alabama State University

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General Contact Information:

Phone: 334-407-7330
Fax: 334-872-6794
Materials Center Phone: 334-407-7333
Materials Center Fax: 334-872-6794
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2530, Selma, AL 36702-2530
Physical Address: 33 Fairview Road, Selma, AL 36701

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Headshot of Bertha Allen

Bertha Allen


Phone: 334-407-7337

Generic Person.png


Materials Manager



Headshot of Tiffany Larcheveaux

Tiffany Larcheveaux

ASIM Biology Specialist


Phone: 334-604-9165

Headshot of Spencer Johnson

Spencer Johnson

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7336
Cell: 334-412-8109

Headshot of Tamecia Smith

Tamecia Smith

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7004

Headshot of Rashandra French

Rashandra French

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7340

Cheri Briggins.png

Cheri Briggins

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7002

Headshot of Audreyiona Barley

Audreyiona Barley



Phone: 334-407-7335

Headshot of Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Materials Staff


Phone: (334) 407-7333

Headshot of Christopher Munford

Christopher Munford

Materials Staff


Phone: 334-407-7333

Headshot of Brittany Solomon

Brittany Solomon

AMSTI-WCCS Assistant Director

Phone: 334-407-7332

Headshot of Aaron Casby

Aaron Casby

6-8 Science Specialist


Phone: 334-407-7006

Headshot of Sheryl Kish

Sheryl Kish

K-2 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7331

Headshot of Ashley Brock

Ashley Brock

ASIM Physics Specialist

Phone: 334-604-8031

Headshot of Rochelle Williams

Rochelle Williams

ASIM Chemistry Specialist

Phone: 334-604-9137

Christine McCloud.png

Christine McCloud

3-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7339

Jocelyn Tubbs-Turner.jpg

Jocelyn Tubbs-Turner

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-407-7334

Pamela Whitt.png

Pamela Whitt

PD Coordinator

Phone: 334-407-7330

Headshot of Jerrick Bennett

Jerrick Bennett

Materials Staff


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