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Region 1 - University of North Alabama

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General Contact Information:

Phone: 256-765-6908

Fax:  256-765-6909

Mailing Address:  1640 Tune Avenue, Florence, AL 35630

Physical Address: 1640 Tune Avenue, Florence, AL 35630

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Headshot of Lori McGuire

Lori McGuire

AMSTI-UNA Director

Phone: 256-765-6903

Cell: 256-577-3511

Fax: 256-765-6909

Headshot of Brent Putman

Brent Putman

Business Manager

Phone: 256-765-6904

Sandra Ratcliff.png

Sandra Gale Hackett

PD Coordinator

Phone: 256-765-6908

Headshot of Candace Golliver

Candace Golliver

ASIM Chemistry Specialist

Phone: 256-765-4834

Cell: 256-762-7283

Headshot of Alicia Whithead

Alicia Whitehead

5-8 Science Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6907

Headshot of Ashley Elliott

Ashley Elliott

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 205-387-0555

Headshot of Jeanne Simpson

Jeanne Simpson

6-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6918

Cell: 256-654-7675

Linda Runyan.png

Linda Runyan

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 205-387-0555
Cell: 205-522-3230

Headshot of Greg Woods

Greg Woods

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6910

Headshot of TJ Bender

TJ Bender

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6910

J Lash_edited.jpg

Jordan Lash

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6910

Headshot of Chasity Parker

Chasity Parker

AMSTI-UNA Assistant Director

Phone: 256-765-6912
Cell: 256-810-5820


Headshot of Kimberly Rutherford

Kim Rutherford

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6901

Headshot of Natalie Burt

Natalie Burt

K-4 Science Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6928

Cell: 256-366-6309

Headshot of Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips

ASIM Biology Specialist

Phone: 256-765-4891

Headshot of Carol Glover

Carol Glover

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6925

Cell: 256-710-0618

Headshot of Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 256-765-4228

Headshot of Gretchen Webb

Gretchen Webb

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6927
Cell: 205-468-0380

C Snipes.png

Courtney Snipes

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 256-627-6460

Headshot of Ashley Peppers

Ashley Peppers

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6910

Headshot of Gerald Stanfield

Gerald Stanfield

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-765-6910

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