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Region 5 - The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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General Contact Information:

Phone: 205-996-6998

Fax: 205-321-1934
Mailing Address:  508 8th Street S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Physical Address: 508 8th Street S, Birmingham, AL 35233

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Headshot of Dr. Becke Stripling

Dr. Becke Stripling

AMSTI-UAB Director


Phone: 205-996-6998 or 205-996-7039
Cell: 205.369.6490

Headshot of Dr. Jill Chambers

Dr. Jill Chambers

ASIM Biology Specialist

Headshot of Tiffany Roddy

Tiffany Roddy

6-8 Math Specialist

Cell: 205-316-8163

Headshot of Tina Hendrickson

Tina Hendrickson

ASIM Chemistry Specialist


Cell: 501-590-7132​

Headshot of Dwight Moore

Dwight Moore

9-12 Math Specialist

Headshot of Sonya Edwards

Sonya Edwards Pyles

6-8 Science Specialist

Cell: 205-960-0177

Headshot of Ana Souza

Ana De Souza

AIMS Coordinator


Phone: 205-996-6998
Fax: 205-321-1934

Headshot of Shernetta Bell

Shernetta Bell

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 205-230-6929

Amber Cooper.png

Amber Cooper

K-5 Math Specialist

Headshot of Katie Leachman

Katie Leachman

AMSTI-UAB Interim Assistant Director

Headshot of Eric Lambert

Eric Lambert

ASIM Physics Specialist


Cell: 205-335-7551

Generic Person.png


Budget /PD Coordinator


Headshot of Christie Orr

Christie Orr

K-5 Math Specialist

Headshot of Katrina Hughley

Katrina Hughley

K-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 205-996-6998

Headshot Coming Soon

Emily Gagne

ASIM Prep & Logistics


Phone: 205-996-6998


Headshot of Katie Oates

Katie Oates

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 601-616-7336

Headshot of  Jessica Crosby

Jessica Crosby

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 205-504-6970

Generic Person.png

Tonya Jones

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 228-596-1093

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