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AMSTI - Troy
Region 11 - Troy University 

Troy University logo

General Contact Information:

Phone:  334-670-5962
Fax:  334-670-5970
Materials Center Phone:  334-670-5981
Materials Center Fax:  334-670-5970
Mailing Address:  1101 S. Brundidge Street, Troy, AL 36081
Physical Address: 1101 S. Brundidge Street, Troy, AL 36081

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AMSTI-Troy Staff

Headshot of Sherrie Blackmon

Sherrie Blackmon

AMSTI-Troy Director

Phone: 334-808-6421
Cell: 334-434-3196

Headshot of Denise Adams

Denise Adams

3-5 Science Specialist


Phone: 334-808-6169
Cell: 334-465-9476

Headshot of Connie Dobson

Connie Dobson

Project Budget Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6224

Headshot of Daniel Ebarb

Daniel Ebarb

Assistant Materials Manager

Phone: 334-268-9542

Headshot of Kevin Jacobs

Kevin Jacobs

Materials Center Staff

Phone: 334-808-5962

Headshot of Debbie Lawrence

Debbie Lawrence

6-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6419

Headshot of Sonya McLaughlin

Sonya McLaughlin

ASIM Biology Specialist

Phone: 334-670-3798
Cell: 334-268-8151

Headshot of Tekela Williams

Tekela Williams

Professional Development Specialist

Phone: 334-670-5962


Headshot of Lynn C. Miller

Lynn C. Miller

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6170
Cell: 334-301-1890

Headshot of Emily Sanders

Emily Sanders

K-5 Math Specialist


Phone: 334-808-6757
Cell: 334-360-1886

Headshot of Hope Balkcom

Hope Balkcom

AMSTI-Troy Assistant Director

Phone: 334-670-5962
Cell: 334-372-7104

Headshot of Reggie Hicks

Reggie Hicks

Materials Manager

Phone: 334-808-6134
Cell: 334-434-0213

Headshot of Wesley Killingsworth

Wesley Killingsworth

Materials Center Staff


Phone: 334-808-6134

Headshot of Lou Richardson

Lou Richardson

ASIM Physics Specialist


Phone: 334-670-5927
Cell: 334-701-2955

Headshot of Jennifer Trott

Jennifer Trott

K-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6611

Headshot of Ali Grace Eiland

Ali Grace Eiland

6-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6773
Cell: 334-740-8226

Headshot of Jae Fox

Jae Fox

K-5 Math Specialist


Phone: 334-808-6282
Cell: 334-429-5253

Headshot of Jennie Ward

Jennie Ward

6-8 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-670-3867
Cell: 334-248-2481

Headshot of Emily Baxley

Emily Baxley

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-808-6772
Cell: 334-790-6003

Headshot Coming Soon

Denise Andrews

ASIM Chemistry Specialist

Phone: 334-796-3685
Cell: 334-796-3685

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