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Grant Application Process - FY24

Once you begin the DocuSign online application, you must complete and submit the application in a single session. Please follow the steps in order to speed up the process.

  1. Read the grant announcement memo.

  2. Review the grant guidelines.

  3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  4. Review the sample application form.

  5. Prepare responses for Part 1: LEA Information, Part 2: Students and Teachers Impacted, and Part 3: Budget Spreadsheet: Function, Program & Item Codes, Item Description & Unit Cost. You should prepare to copy/paste them into the online application.

  6. You will need the following names and correct email addresses to begin the DocuSign Form Submission process: Project Manager, LEA: Technology Coordinator, Chief Financial Officer, and Superintendent. Please be sure to enter the email addresses carefully, as each signer will receive an email inviting them to sign this document. Failure to provide accurate email addresses or alter required signatures or approvals may affect grant eligibility. 


Important Information about DocuSign

  • Before initiating this PowerForm, a best practice is to create a free DocuSign account ( Doing this will allow you (the originator) to track the envelope as it progresses through each assigned recipient. The account creation MUST occur before starting the PowerForm for the FY24 AMSTI Robotics Grant.

  • First, enter the name and email address of each person who will be assigned to one of the signing roles listed below. Then, click on the "Begin Signing" button. A window will appear with a message prompting you to enter the validation/access code. Please note that if you fail the authentication twice, the envelope will lock, and you will need to contact Roberta Hill ( to unlock the envelope. If you copy and paste the code, ensure that no extra spaces are copied and pasted into the textbox.

  • After the validation/access code has been verified, you will be prompted to continue to enter the information required to complete the form.

  • Once all the required fields have been completed, you will be prompted to click the "Finish" button. Upon clicking the “Finish” button, the envelope will automatically be sent to the next signer until all signatures have been collected. Please note that during the electronic signing process, all signers will receive an email inviting them to sign the document.

  • To track an envelope, you MUST have created a free DocuSign account BEFORE submitting the envelope. To check the status of an envelope, you will log in to your DocuSign account. Access the "Manage" tab to track the envelope. It will show you the envelope's status, such as whose signature has been collected and whose signature you may be waiting on.


Are all the above items complete and ready to copy into the online application? 

If so, click the button to begin your grant submission. 🙂

FY24 Applications are now Closed

Please note: You must enter names and email addresses in the DocuSign link above in order to see the actual grant application. 

Grant Timeline 

  • Grant Announcement: August 3, 2023

  • Grant Application Submitted online no later than September 30, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

  • Funds expended by and Evaluation/Expenditure Report due: September 30, 2024

  • Grants are to be announced beginning of 2024.

  • Award letters will be sent to the LEA Superintendent, and a list will be published online. 

Applications are considered submitted and complete when all LEA required signatures are complete: LEA Technology Coordinator, LEA CSFO, and LEA Superintendent. Applications require additional ALSDE signatures; all applications will remain at this stage until after September 30, 2023 at 5:00pm.

**These signatures are part of the ALSDE grant review process.**

Please see the above referenced signatures below.

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FY24 Grant Recipients_edited.png
FY24 Budget Amendment Request.png

Request a change

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply?

Any Alabama public school that serves students in grades K through twelve. Schools should apply individually. Districts may submit the "same" application for multiple schools, but these applications should be submitted individually. Even identical proposals may or may not be awarded based on even distribution of awards across the state. ​

  • Can our elementary school apply?

Yes, the bill states that up to $100,000 of the grant funds will be used to provide grants to elementary robotics programs.​

  • Is my application complete when I submit it? 

No, your application is not considered complete until all required signatures have been completed. All required signatures must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2023, for your application to be considered. 

  • How can I find out if my application is complete?

When submitting your application, you will have the option of creating a free account, and you can track your application through the signature process. Please save a copy of your application for your records.

  • What types of "robotics kits" qualify?

While we cannot provide an exhaustive list, any kit that requires the students to design and build a robotic device that is controlled by a student-written program or remotely controlled to complete a variety of tasks is acceptable. See below for a non-exhaustive list of acceptable/non-acceptable device kits. ​

Acceptable (non-exclusive): i.e. VEX-IQ, Go, & 123; LEGO SPIKE, ROV kits, Dot/Dash, Sphero/Sphero Mini, Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, Ozobot, Makey-Makey, CodeBot, Edison, Drones, etc.

  • Are there any pre-assembled robots that would be considered eligible for this grant?

Again we cannot provide an exhaustive list. See below for a non-exhaustive list of acceptable pre-assembled robots.​

Acceptable (non-exclusive): Bee Bot, Blue Bot, Ozobot, Makey-Makey, CodeBot, Edison, Sphero, Sphero Mini, Dot/Dash/Cue, etc.

  • Why not tablets or computers?

With a relatively low total award of $3,500, this grant is designed to acquire equipment and supplies exclusively for robotics. Traditional computers and tablet devices are multiple-use devices and should be supplied through other funding sources.​

  • Where do I find the codes (function, program, & object) needed to complete the Robotics Grant Program Budget?

You may need to contact your CSFO for the correct codes for your LEA. Please be aware that your application will be returned if your budget is missing these codes since they are required by ALSDE Accounting in order to process payment.

  • What should I do if my budget exceeds the maximum award, but my LEA, PTA, or classroom funds will cover the additional cost?

Verify that the funds in excess of the maximum award are available should you be awarded the grant, and include the following note at the bottom of your budget page:  *Additional funds not covered by the grant will be covered by the local LEA.* 

  • Can I change my grant's budget after I have been awarded the grant?

Yes, you may amend the approved grant budget; please use the link above, "FY24 Budget Amendment Request,"  to complete your request through DocuSign. 

Budget Amendment Option #1 Funds on the amended budget will not exceed the previously awarded amount 
This option applies when an item on the approved budget is being substituted with an item of equal or lesser value (including shipping). 

  • Complete your name and email as the project manager to begin the DocuSign FY24 Amended Budget Request.  

  • Make sure the school system name and school name are listed correctly.

  • Submit revisions to the approved budget through the DocuSign Request form. 

  • Make sure all accounting codes are complete and correct.

  • Complete the explanation for the budget revision on page 3 of the request.

  • The revised budget will be reviewed within five days of its receipt, and you will be notified through DocuSign of its approval status.

IMPORTANT: Do not make any purchases until you have received notification that the revised budget has been approved. Please save a copy of the DocuSign approval for your records.

Budget Amendment Option #2– Funds on the amended budget will exceed the previously awarded amount 
This option applies when the item being substituted causes the revised budget to exceed the previously awarded amount.

  • Revise the approved budget per Option #1 above.

  • Add the statement, “The school/school district is responsible for the funds that exceed the original grant’s funding amount of $x,xxx.xx.” to the bottom of the budget sheet in an item description cell.

  • Add this same statement to the Explanation cell on page 3. 

  • The revised budget will be reviewed within five days of its receipt, and you will be notified by email of its approval status.

IMPORTANT: Do not make any purchases until you have received notification that the revised budget has been approved. Please save a copy of the DocuSign approval for your records.

  • How do I submit the required Evaluation / Expenditure report?

Please USE THIS LINK to submit your documentation for the FY 24 Robotics Grant.  Please be aware that all funds must be expended, and the expenditure report must be submitted to the SDE by September 30, 2024.

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