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Region 6 - Jacksonville State University

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General Contact Information:

Phone: 256-782-5984
Fax:  256-782-5982
Materials Center Phone: 256-847-8674
Materials Center Fax: 256-782-5982

Materials Center Address: 111 Town Center Drive, 
Anniston, AL 36205
Mailing Address: 100 Gamecock Drive,  Anniston, AL 36205
Physical Address: 100 Gamecock Drive,  Anniston, AL 36205

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AMSTI-JSU Director




Headshot of Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper

Materials Manager

Phone: 256-847-8674
Cell:  256-744-4727

Headshot of Tara Hood

Tara Hood

K-5 Science Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8606
Cell:  256-310-8421

Headshot of Juanita Williams

Juanita Williams

Professional Development Coordinator

Phone: 256-782-5984
Fax: 256-782-5982

Headshot of Shelley Roberts

Shelley Roberts

6-8 Science Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8602
Cell:  256-310-3522

Rachel Ford.png

Rachel Ford

6-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-782-8604
Cell:  256-504-7320

Headshot of Heidi Morgan

Heidi Morgan

K-5 Math Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8614
Cell: 256-343-4240

Leah Gann.png

Leah Gann

6-12 Math Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8610

Headshot Coming Soon

Scott Maddox

Materials Clerk


Phone: 256-847-8674

Headshot Coming Soon

Kenneth Drain

Materials Clerk


Phone: 256-847-8674

Headshot of Dr. Carol McGinnis

Dr. Carol McGinnis

AMSTI-JSU Interim Director

Phone: 256-782-8611
Cell:  256-453-4836

Headshot of Jason Cole

Jason Cole

ASIM Physics Specialist


Fax: 256-872-8746

Headshot of Donja Dryden

Donja Dryden

3-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 256-782-8805
Cell:  256-283-2773

Headshot of Krystal Milam

Krystal Milam

ASIM Biology Specialist


Cell: 256-689-6909

Headshot of Kelly Roper

Kelly Roper

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-782-8608
Cell:  256-310-8220

Headshot of Amber Trantham

Amber Trantham

K-5 Math Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8609
Cell:  256-454-5298

Generic Person.png

Riley Parker

ASIM Chemistry Specialist


Phone: 256-782-8610

Christie Pickard.png

Christie Pickard

K-5 Math Specialist


Phone: 256-782-5987

Headshot of Lynn Shaddix

Lynn Shaddix

Budget Analyst

Phone: 256-782-8610

Headshot Coming Soon

Angela New

ASIM Materials Clerk


Phone: 256 782-8611

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