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Getting Started with AMSTI Online PD

This handy step-by-step guide will help you to find your way through getting registered, enrolled and participating in your first AMSTI Online Professional Development session.  


Just click on the steps below and follow the helpful instructions. Along the way you will find helpful videos, PowerPoints, and other resources to guide you.

Step 1: Request a Spot

At this point you should have received a communication from your AMSTI Site, informing you that online training is available.  You may have received a paper registration form to return to your site.  AFTER you have returned this form, click the link below to confirm your request in our online reservation system.  This will confirm your interest and notify the site to place your science kit into the delivery rotation so that you can use it as you complete your online course.

Online Reservation Form

After you have completed the online reservation, you will receive your course number and enrollment key (enrollment code) for your online course.  You will need these for your next step!

Step 2: Register With AMSTI Online PD

AMSTI Online PD utilizes Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to guide you through your online course. Once you have registered with the LMS and enrolled in your course, AMSTI Online PD will manage all your course work and communication with your facilitator.  Click the link below to begin registration.  Be sure to have your course number and enrollment code ready.

Go To AMSTI Online PD

Watch this handy video to see how to complete your registration and enrollment!

Step 3: Begin Your Online Course

Now you are ready to begin your online course! Along the way, you will communicate with your course facilitator, a trained AMSTI Specialist who will help you.  In this unique professional development environment, you will be receiving professional development while you teach the lessons to your students!  

When you are ready to begin, be sure to remember the following:

1.  Be sure that you have received your AMSTI Science Module

2.  Take the pre-test.  This will notify your facilitator that you have begun your online course.

3.  Watch the introductory videos and/or PowerPoints for helpful instructions about unpacking your kit and

     preparing for your course.

Step 4: Complete Your Training

Once you have completed your pre-test and reviewed your initial information, you are ready to "dig into" your online course!  Each course is divided into content topics, which are subdivided into lessons.  Working with your AMSTI Specialist/facilitator, you can use the materials in your kit and the resources in your online course to prepare and teach the lessons to your students.  Each section also has a discussion forum where you can leave comments, ask for help, and interact with your facilitator and other teachers who are taking the course.  You can collaborate and learn from your colleagues and share what you have learned as well!


Step 5: Take the Post-Test

When you have completed all of the course requirements, be sure to take the post-test.  This will notify your facilitator that you have completed your training and your course is ready for review.  After your facilitator has reviewed your course work, your credit will be entered into STI-PD and you will be eligible to receive your science kit in future years.

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