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General Contact Information:

Phone: 256-216-6622

Fax: 256-216-6623

Materials Center Phone: 256-233-6597

Mailing Address:  300 North Beaty Street, Athens, AL 35611

Physical Address: 1115A Hwy 31 South, Athens, AL 35611

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AMSTI-Athens Staff

AMSTI - Athens
Region 2 - Athens State University

Headshot of Clint Vandiver

Clint Vandiver

AMSTI-Athens Director

Phone: 256-233-6582
Cell: 256-653-0644

Headshot of Trey Rose

Trey Rose

Business Manager

Phone: 256-233-6598

Headshot of Becky Cornelius

Becky Cornelius

6-12  Math Specialist

Phone: 256-810-8545

Headshot of Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons

6-8 Science Specialist

Phone: 256-658-8811

Headshot of Leanne Helums

Leanne Helums

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6544
Cell: 256-497-4214

Headshot of Jessica Kent

Jessica Kent

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6568
Cell: 256-627-3481

Headshot of Kristi Heath

Kristi Kruse

ASIM Biology Specialist


Phone: 256-233-6594
Cell: 256-585-9456

Headshot of Carolyn Stovall

Carolyn Stovall

3-5 Science Specialist


Phone: 256-233-6570
Cell: 256-390-1386

Headshot of Amy King

Amy King

K-5 Math Specialist

Cell: 205-514-9366

Kathy Babbitt.png

Kathy Babbitt

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 256-216-6622

Heather Miller.png

Heather Miller

ASIM Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-874-6163

Emily Byrd.png

Emily Byrd

AMSTI-Athens Assistant Director

Phone: 256-233-6580

Cell: 205-994-0467

J Crumpton.png

Jennifer Crumpton

K-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 256-216-6622 
Cell: 205-370-3870

Headshot of Leigh Ann Todd

Leigh Ann Todd

Assistant Materials Manager

Phone: 256-233-6569

Headshot of Carla McPeters

Carla McPeters

ASIM Physics Specialist

Phone: 256-216-6622
Cell: 256-810-7090

Headshot of Charissa Wright

Charissa Wright

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6577
Cell: 256-221-2600

Headshot of Kimberly Dockery

Kimberly Dockery

6-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6581

Headshot of Nil Makwana

Nil Makwana

ASIM Chemistry Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6582

Photo Coming soon

Nicole Russell

K-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 256-
Cell: 256-874-3938

Headshot of Kerry Durham

Kerry Durham

PD Coordinator

Phone: 256-233-6593

Headshot of Rob Hilley

Rob Hilley

Materials Specialist

Phone: 256-233-6596

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