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General Contact Information:

Phone: 334-694-4744

Fax: 334-694-4952

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 302101, 3339 Gordon Persons Building, Montgomery, AL 36130

Physical Address: 50 North Ripley Street, Montgomery, AL 36130

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Alabama State Department of Education


Headshot of Dennis Engle

Dennis Engle

AMSTI Director

Phone: 334-694-4743

Headshot of Dr. Amy Murphy

Dr. Amy Murphy

AMSTI Science Coordinator

AMSTI-ASIM Administrator

Phone: 334-694-4921

Headshot of Jackie DeJarnett

Jackie DeJarnett

AMSTI Science Administrator


Phone: 334-694-4736

Headshot of Karen Dennis

Karen Dennis

Administrative Assisant

Phone: 334-694-4729

Headshot of Shane Haws

Shane Haws

AMSTI 6-8 Science Specialist


Phone: 334-694-4727

Headshot of Roberta Hill

Roberta Hill

AMSTI STEM Specialist

Phone: 334-694-8881

Headshot of Britney Fureigh

Britney Fureigh 

AMSTI 3-5 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4734

Headshot of Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes

AMSTI K-2 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4739

Headshot of Kerri Richburg

Keri Richburg

AMSTI 6-8 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4737

Headshot of Tod Beers

Tod Beers

AMSTI Math Coordinator

Phone: 334-694-4741

Headshot of Jennifer Blake McCrary

Jennifer Blake McCrary

AMSTI Technology Administrator

Phone: 334-694-4744


Faith Black

AMSTI Math Administrator

Phone: 334-694-4731

Headshot of Phenicia Nunn

Phenicia Nunn

AMSTI 9-12 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4735

Headshot of Dr. Amanda Cramer

Dr. Amanda Cramer

AMSTI Digital Literacy & Computer Science Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4732

Headshot of Christy Dark

Christy Dark

AMSTI K-2 Science Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4738

Headshot of Sonya Scott

Sonya Scott

ASIM Chemistry & Physics Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4740

Headshot of Jasmine Dumas

Jasmine Dumas

AMSTI 3-5 Math Specialist

Phone: 334-694-4847

Headshot of Rebecca Thrash

Rebecca Thrash

ASIM Biology Specialist

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