AMSTI Regional Staff Onboarding Headquarters

Welcome to the AMSTI Onboarding Headquarters for new (or returning) AMSTI Regional Staff. Here you will find a collection of resources designed to help new regional site staff gain access to much needed resources and to provide AMSTI SDE staff with needed information about new staff.

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General Contact Information

New staff members should complete the following form to provide general contact information to the AMSTI SDE Team. This information will be incorporated into a private database accessible only by AMSTI SDE staff.

gsuite.png Account Request

The AMSTI team uses Google's GSuite for Education extensively. All Directors, Assistant Directors, Materials Managers/Assistant Managers, PD Coordinators and Specialists are required to obtain and monitor an Google Account. Complete this form to request your account.


Chalkable PD Account (formerly STI-PD)

If you hold an Alabama Teaching or Administrative Certificate, you must have an account on Chalkable PD (formerly STI-PD) to track and submit your CEUs/PLUs. If you are joining AMSTI from a Local Education Agency (LEA), a school District, you should already have an account. You will need to change your LEA to AMSTI. Unfortunately only Chalkable can reassign you from one LEA to another; you will have to give them a call at 1-800-844-0884 and request to have your LEA changed to AMSTI.

If you are not an educator, but need access to Chalkable PD to create sessions (such as a PD Manager), OR if you need additional rights to your Chalkable PD account in order to create sessions/award credit, please complete the Chalkable Account Request/Update Form below. (Note, if you are an educator, please complete the transfer of your account with Chalkable before submitting this form.